A composer’s blank sheet of music, a sculptor’s clay always starts out raw and cold, a painter’s canvas blank and white,

But when He has her within his hands;  warm to the touch, yielding to him and full of promise, more pliant than any clay or canvas.

her blood beats hot from her heart, against her skin, warming to the touch, her submissive soul speaking out to Him; telling Him what she wants to be, begging to be what He desires.

With His firm and gentle hands, He delivers her, molds her body, colors her soul, and presents her to the world.

His perfect submissive, together, the melody of their lives plays out, and the journey goes onward

People knelt before Kings and Emperors to show their homage to them, because they are inferior and smaller then they were. They knelt to beg for things, they knelt for mercy and they knelt out of fear.

Submissives in this lifestyle do not kneel because they have to, they do not kneel out of fear or out of mercy or because they are smaller or inferior to the person they are kneeling to. They kneel because they want out, out of love, dedication and devotion to the one for which they are kneeling before.

Welcome to Kneeling before Him, a site dedicated to the journey through the life of being a Dominant. Within these walls, I have shared stories, creative writings, lecture notes, and discussion notes for which I collected and/or have written over time for which I wish to share with others. Please come on in, have a cup of tea and share in the roads and paths for which I have taken and lead. These paths are ever continuing as I learn to be a better person and a better Dominant.

I do hope you enjoy these scrolls I have decided to share with the world…

— Master Steven